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She is Me, I'm Her: Fear of Failure

Dear Little Black Girl,

You can climb mountains, if you believe that you are capable of doing so. You’re only limited when you’re the limitation.

If I told you that we’ve all visited the richest place in the world, would you believe me? Each time your presence graced a graveyard, you’ve touched the wealthiest place in the world. So many ideas, inventions, cures, etc. are forever locked up in that place. All due to fear and missed opportunities. Too many of us are living in fear. In fear of change, fear of rejection, and fear of living a life we’re called to live. Sometimes I wonder if we would jump to take the first step of change, if we saw how much that would impact our next chapter. I read something that said, “We’re all one decision away from changing our lives forever.” It made me wonder how many times did I want something, but backed away due to fear. They say love is one hell of a drug, but have you ever lived in fear?Do you know how much you can conquer if you stop living in fear? How many times will you want change, but not seek it? How many times will it take for you to realize that the only obstacle in your way is you? Someone looks at you as a role model, and you can’t see it because you’re blinded by fear. Someone wants to love on you, and you won’t let them because of rejection. I lived in fear for most of my life, and most times it was all in my mind. It wasn’t fear of life, but fear of what others would think. Life gave me a wake up call, and I promise you can’t get me to go back to being that girl. Freeing myself of fear and other spiritual strongholds (i.e. anxiety) was the most liberating thing I could do for peace of mind. There are still days I struggle, but not due to self-inflicted fear. I had to make the decision to start living on purpose, and living with a purpose.

So many ideas are locked up in our minds and hearts...all due to a word that has no meaning until you breathe life into. You are what you give life to. You are only as limited as the chains that you place on your mind. The biggest advice I can give you is start at one. Start with one thought or one step or one life change. Then, continue to do that one until it becomes two. There is no rush on living or making a change. Don’t let the world or people around you fool you. We’re all struggling with something, and that’s just human nature. The first step to change is in your mind. Your thoughts become your words, and your words become your actions. We all need to practice mindfulness, and be careful of the thoughts we entertain. Your biggest downfall is usually self, it’s never your enemies. Whatever you choose to call it vibes, energy, it. How many blessings, lessons, or ideas are locked up inside of you because of your thoughts? They say no one is truly a failure. However, I disagree. The biggest failure is the person who doesn’t live on purpose. Someone needs what’s inside of you, whether it be a word of advice, a hug, tough love, or just simply a hello. Someone in this world needs your presence, and here you are evading your purpose. Your being holds the key that unlocks the door for someone else. Stop living in doubt, fear, hatred, bitterness, or whatever else is keeping you from being a light. I would rather go to God empty from turning every stone than to come back with the same gift I was given untouched. Tip toe if you must, but always take the step. The only true failure is a life not lived, a path not explored, and love that is left unconquered. Bless up. ❤️


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