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In Nine Inches Too Deep

How we started is something that I couldn't tell you. It was just laughs and shared conversations; I never assumed it would be more than that. I can't tell you the first day that I looked at him as more than a friend. I just knew that he made me laugh, and you know what they say about the ones who can make you giggle. The first day he entered my classroom, I wasn't aware of how deep things would go. He was observant, clean-cut, and enjoyed good banter. I never knew I would answer his questions for him to analyze later. I talked, he listened, and then we went our separate ways. Until one day, I didn't want him to leave, and I found myself more interested in his lips than the words coming out of his mouth. In my mind, he was a game that I wanted to play, even if it was just once. I waited patiently for days, weeks, and even a few months for him to make his move. Until I eventually thought maybe, just maybe, he wanted to be friends. I respected his boundaries, but the thoughts continued to cross my mind about getting close to him. Then one day, the conversation finally changed, and it wasn't about work but life outside. After many subliminal messages, it was finally time to enjoy his company outside of work. I nervously awaited to see his car in the parking lot and wondered what the night would hold. Then, I saw his white Audi pull up and realized I wanted to play his game tonight. I put the thought in my mind that I was going to experience him by any means necessary. I heard the casual knock at my car door and proceeded to get out to greet him. As I got out, I could smell his cologne and saw the demeanor I had grown to like.

"What's up," he said.

"Nothing much; you smell good, though, I said.

"Hmm, thanks; you look nice tonight, and it's about time I see you on the weekends," he said with a smirk.

"Why thank you, you ready to head in?" I asked.

With a head nod, we began walking into The Cavern, a local bar spot. We waved to the hostess, who escorted us to our lounge area. I quickly realized no one was in the section, and my hostess assumed we wanted privacy. I guess my emotions of shock were apparent on my face because Jason quickly stated, "It's cool; it allows us to talk without interruptions."

I sat beside him, and we started the usual conversation about work. However, one hour turned into two, then three, with several drinks and giggles in between. He was fun to be around; part of me wished I had done this sooner. We got one more drink and decided to wrap up our night. I decided it was now or never as we walked to our cars. I licked the side of his neck as he leaned for a hug. I began to kiss him on his ear and felt a slight bulge growing in his pants.

"Don't start anything you can't finish," he said.

"I can finish it--trust me."

"Let's get in the car and continue this conversation..."

We got into the car, and he quickly grabbed my face for a kiss that made me wet. I quickly unzipped his pants and found nine inches I wanted to devour. I watched him pull down his boxers and place my mouth on the tip of his dick. I began to suck his dick as his moans sounded like music. He tasted immaculate, and I was ready for him to bust in my mouth. I wanted to be his slut for the night, but how quickly the roles reversed. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to his mouth with a devious look. He proceeded to push my seat back and lifted my skirt above my waist. I felt his fingers slowly enter me, and he stroked my clit. His hands felt like a feather gently grazing the skin, and his fingers were covered in my juices within a few minutes. Then his fingers turned into the tip of his dick, and I felt myself stretching to let him in. I felt my body slowly allowing him to penetrate me entirely, and I watched as each inch went inside me. His dick felt so good that all I could do was welcome the orgasm that made me scratch up his back. He slowly kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipple rings as he stroked me continuously. I was getting wetter with each stroke until I felt the warmness of him cumming inside me. With one final hand around my throat and an "Oh shit," we finished the deed that we didn't expect to happen. The night ended with me being in nine inches too deep and smiling since I had finally won our game of chess.



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