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Fuck Me Like You Mean It

“Move your hand…this is what you wanted, right”?

Nene quickly moved her hand to let Miguel continue with the stroking she had been longing for. It had been over a month, and she finally had all eight inches of dick she had been craving.

However, the last time was supposed to be the last time. Yet, here they were again because neither of them could let go. The sex was too good. The vibes were immaculate. But…they just were victims of wrong timing. Nene was still dating her high school sweetheart, and as much as she wanted to leave—she was in too deep. They shared too many assets, and she knew all that shit would be gone in a heartbeat. Yet, that didn’t stop her from talking to Miguel after their one-night stand. They both knew that one night wasn’t enough, their passion was too deep for each other.

She watched as he planted kisses down her chest. She had missed his touch, his smell, but mostly how he knew her body. His kisses soon turned to licks, which made Nene get wetter. She could get use to him dicking her down like this a few times a week. He licked her nipples and watched them glisten from his wet tongue. He giggled to himself because he saw she had remembered his favorite pair of her nipple rings. He had always loved how yellow looked on her chocolate skin,and her nipples were no different. He moved his attention to the strokes he was consistently giving her. Not only that, but he wasn’t sure if it was the sound of her wetness or feeling her grip his dick as she tried her hardest not to squirt that turned him on. Either way, he got pleasure from seeing her beneath him, calling him Daddy while trying to catch her breath in between strokes.

As Nene snapped back into reality,she felt Miguel giving her power strokes. She loved when he fucked her with long, deep strokes. She took her hand and rubbed on her clit, feeling the piece of jewelry she had grown accustomed to there. As she felt herself creaming, she placed her hand around Miguel’s neck. She knew this turned him on, and he was going to fuck her even harder. She continued choking him until she felt the warm sensation of his cum and that throbbing she had grown to love. She quickly grabbed her camera to record just how much of his semen was dripping out of her. She played with his cum in between her legs for a second and quickly grabbed her rose. Miguel watched as she pleasured herself with the toy she had grown to love. He knew he could do it better, but it made his dick hard to see her climaxing and squirting over his sheets until she was empty. He soon heard the sound he wanted to hear.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming...” yelled Nene.

Miguel rushed to the bed, pushed her legs back behind her head, and pushed his dick back inside her. He knew this was when she was at her wettest and knew that these strokes were the best. He watched as his dick went in and out of her wet pussy.He felt her juices slowly dripping down her pussy and down her butt crack. She squirmed as each stroke got harder and harder. Miguel decided this was the perfect time to fuck her throat. He proceeded to her mouth and inserted himself on to her wet tongue. He felt the warm saliva he had grown to love dripping onto Nene's chest as she lay down on her back,sucking his dick. She continued to suck his dick until she felt his warm cum shoot in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and sat up to look at him. He quickly pushed her back on the bed and tied her hands to the bed frame. He opened her legs and began to lick her clit until she started to shake. He heard her moan as she climaxed. He lifted his head up and threw up the number one. But the number of the night was four, and he placed his head back between her legs as her moans became music to his ears. This may not be their first night together, but they could pretend it was as many times as they wanted to.


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