Keeping Sex Spicy: Hot Girl Summer Edition

The summer is slowly approaching; it is time for more skin and even more fun beneath the sheets. The summer allows us to finally let our hair down, take trips from a stressful year of work, and explore kinks that we try to deny. As Meg said, the hot girls are taking over for a whole season without remorse. I'm taking this summer to explore every part of my sexual identity and to respectfully slut someone's son out. Although I won't share the intimate details of what happens in my sheets, I will give you hints that keep my bedroom hot.


  1. Adult toys are your friend. Most people will say that having toys takes away from the experience of your partner. However, if done it tremendously adds to the experience. It allows you to see what turns your partner on, how they like something done, or your personal preferences. Don't place limits on the things you can try in the bedroom. My golden rule is that I'll try anything at least once. Toys aren't limited to "adult massagers" either so don't forget to support your local sex store this summer. (Hint: The rose + penetration combo is top two and it isn't number two.)

  2. Lick him THERE. Please stop thinking that men don't enjoy the same licks they provide to us Most men won't admit it, but they like being the center of attention. They enjoy it when we take control--some even prefer it. Starting at the ears and make your way down with the intent of solely pleasuring him. Providing him with fellatio is always a win; yet, try going past "the twins" and touch the gooch. If you choose to go further than that more power to you. If you need an extra kick, try the Halls Intense cough drops. It'll provide him with a cooling sensation while providing you with a numbing effect. (It's the cough drops in the white pack, sis.)

  3. Get on top! Hold on to his ankles or chest, but you ride him like the rollercoaster at the state fair. Although this position requires good knees, it also requires confidence. You have to own your moment in the spotlight and put any insecurities to the side. It'll allow him to enjoy the moment without putting in all the work. In addition, for my plus-size baddies find a solid spot to ride him if you feel the bed isn't your specialty. A chair, the end of the bed, the floor, or even a staircase will work wonders.

  4. Plus one isn't just for weddings. Do not shoot me for this, but threesomes aren't such a bad thing. However, please consider your partner before embarking on this journey. Although threesomes are intriguing, it is best to be aware of any boundaries by all parties involved. Please leave all expectations or the experiences of others at the door.

This summer will be a hot one so remember to keep it spontaneous, spicy, but mostly safe. I'll catch you guys in the fall.



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