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Founder. Educator. Mentor. Content CreatHER.

Given the moniker of Donecia or Necia, if you love her, she's a thriving 32-year-old native of Louisiana. Her dreams and ambitions are reflected in each writing penned with her name. As a millennial, Necia understands the complex nature of being a black woman navigating professional and personal circles that require more than they give. She's grown to dub herself as the Millennial Flower Child or as others dub her, Girl With Da Midas Touch since her writings turn to GOLD. She is a proud graduate of Southern University and LA Tech. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction at ULM. She has launched her content creation business Necia Always Writes.  In addition, she is also working on a series of books, her non-profit mentorship, with additional creative content being found on Queen Media Collective.

About  Necia J.

With Love Always,
Necia Janay

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