You're not "woke", you're an a*shole

I can’t count the amount of fake woke hoteps coming out of the woodwork in the last few years. It’s tiring. If you’re wondering what the hell a hotep is, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition, “Hotep An Afrocentric brotha, usually insecure, who claims to be "woke", but actually isn't. Unless you are a straight, black man, in a Hotep's eyes, you are responsible for the destruction of "The Black Community". Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Conspiracy Theory Afficionado, he will fill your head up with so much pseudo-science and ill-researched historical "facts" you'll be ready to bash his head in with a Google search engine. The worst offenders of Misogynoir and a Black Woman's headache.” But it’s more than that.

Brands can also be considered “fake woke.” An example of brands being fake woke is those who released a statement about Black Lives Matter and police brutality or posted a black square on Blackout Tuesday and proceeded to never mention the discrimination that black people face ever again after that. Some people may not see a problem with that, but the thing is, we are not a trend. Being aware of the struggles that someone goes through simply by being black in America is not a trend. People fearing leaving their house and knowing they might not come back home is not a trend.

But back to you hoteps. One example of fake woke is in the aftermath of the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor, people posting thirst traps and then saying, “Now that I have your attention, Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still free.” I would say that I don’t know what world someone would think that’s okay in, but then I remember that we’re in Amerikkka where the lives of Black people aren’t valued or taken seriously. Just think of all the people who went to BLM rallies post-George Floyd for a photo opp and didn’t even have the decency to at least scream a chant in support of the movement.

Another example is shaming women into embracing their bodies and their sexualities. Think of the man harassing a grown ass woman at a slut walk and trying to mansplain to her what she was doing wrong by being at the walk. To which she twisted that logic on him, leaving him confused, baffled, bamboozled and hoodwinked. She went viral and gave us another example of motherf*ckers who think they’re woke when they’re part of the problem.

Fake woke people can tell you everything that exists to oppress you but don’t life a finger to speak against it or stop supporting it. Fake woke people are the same people that record themselves giving food or money to a homeless person to post it and get praise for doing it. Or people going on missions to other countries just to post pictures with brown kids living in poverty. In other words, doing something just for the sake of getting the clout that comes with it. Real activists, people who really want to make a difference get out there and make shit happen.

No one wants to see you putting a black power fist in the air if there’s no real work behind it. And you can’t be woke if that wokeness isn’t intersectional. So for the sake of everyone around you, please stop being a douchebag and practice real activism.


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