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Why The Good Girls Aren’t Waiting at Home Anymore

As we approach the summer, the responses to Meg’s coined phrase “hot girl summer” and “being outside” have been comical. I’ve seen several posts that equate both of these terms to sleeping around, entertaining multiple people, and even using people for their assets. When the reality is, its just the good girls reasserting their independence and enjoying life. It has nothing to do with sex, money, or being thot-ish. Its simply about making memories with friends, traveling, making our presence known, doing things that make us genuinely happy, and doing all those things unapologetically. Yet, I think the fear of women being outside is the fact they’ll be accessible. The good girls you love to put on pause will now be accessible to individuals with better intentions. Drake did tell y’all that the good ones go if you wait too long. You may ask who are the good girls? The same ones you save for later and expect them to still crave you. The same ones that you tell “but we’re just friends.” The same ones that you place girlfriend expectations on while you entertain multiple women. Its the same girls that you aren’t “ready for” because they require more. If I’m being transparent, the fear of hot girl summer is for two reasons.

  1. Its the fear of knowing she could soon be gone.

  2. The thought that someone else could be accessing her body exactly how you do.

The truth? The good girls get tired of sitting at home being everything a potential wife should be. We’re expected to maintain an image of innocence or being untouchable by certain individuals. We’re not saying to wife us, but don’t expect us to wait around while you entertain Lisa, Ashley, and Kelsey. It’s not fair to limit how we maneuver so that we remain untainted in your eyes. The ironic part is—you entertain the same women you don’t want us to be. Do not expect us to not show our bodies when we step out. Do not ask us to respect your feelings when you’ve played with ours. This summer isn’t about whoring around its about honoring who we are and what we mean to ourselves. This summer is truly dedicated to discovering what makes us happy from the core no matter how that may look to others. Hot Girl Summer was never about men, but about women asserting themselves in spaces and ways that may make insecure folks uncomfortable. You guys aren’t afraid that she’ll be “slutted out” you’re afraid that she’ll finally see her worth.


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