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While You Wait: The Truth of MY Singleness

I've always looked at my singleness or the fact that I don't have children as an indication of my lack. But in all honesty, me not having those things is a blessing. It gives me a chance to truly understand and desire what I want and who I am. I don't have to commit to people in any sense of the word. I am only responsible for myself, and that in itself is not something that everyone can say. I don't have to figure out myself while trying to understand the complexity of another human. I'm not embarrassed to say that while I wait for "my person," "my time," or "my moment," I'm going to say yes to everything my heart desires. I'm sure people may try to convince me that I'm missing out, but I would rather have things checked off my to-do list before committing to giving up pieces of myself to others.

I thrive on discovering a wholeness so full of life that I'm never left empty even after I decide to become a wife, a mother, or any other title that follows.

Waiting was never meant to be seen as a curse but as a way of mastering skills that I'll need later. I'm not sure when I'll find love or become a mother, but either way, I'm not missing out on anything. Because in all honesty...anything that is destined for my life will happen at the exact moment it is supposed to. My time alone is simply time for me to master myself so that when those moments happen, I can enjoy them without wondering if I was ready.

So while I wait...

I'm going to say yes to that trip.

I'm going to say yes to that date.

I'm going to travel solo or on a private baecation.

I'm going to shake my ass while crushing my goals in the process.

I'm going to discover what makes me happy, what motivates me, and what scares the shit out of me.

I'm going to commit to being every version of myself that I need to be before I make the commitment to be about someone else.

A Message to the Girl Who Thinks She Won't Find Love:

While you wait, don't forget to appreciate yourself. While you wait, continue to pursue what makes you happy. While you wait, don't rush any moment or opportunity. But most importantly, while you wait, don't forget to love yourself. You see, our time of waiting was never supposed to make us question ourselves. It simply is the time the Universe wanted us to discover ourselves, hone our crafts, and connect to a source beyond ourselves. So, until your time comes for love, enjoy each moment, each memory, each smile, and each chance that you get to be limitless.


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