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Unprofessionalism in a professional world

Let’s address the elephant in the room...people are unprofessional...AF! These big brands and corporations who are worth millions and billions of dollars don’t even have the decency to get back to you when you get rejected from a job. In my opinion, it’s better to at least get an automated rejection rather than hearing nothing back at all.

Then on top of not even getting an automated rejection, when you follow up, you don’t even get a response email to that. Which is wild to me because if a place is looking to hire, then it would make sense to me that they communicate with the people who want to work there. But instead, at least from my experience, you get a big fat, ignore.

And if you ask me, that’s just not professional. I am aware that some people get hundreds of submissions for one position but I also feel that these are the same people who can afford to get back to the applicants that are being tossed to the side.

My experiences with unprofessionalism don’t stop there, I’ve had a place call me for an interview for an internship. When I emailed the next day to see if there was any way I could do the interview virtually because I was not yet fully vaccinated, a completely different person from the one who originally called me to tell me that the position I was meant to be interviewing for the NEXT DAY, had been filled already. WTF. After 3 years of absolute fuckery coming from jobs, I emailed back, “this is unprofessional and was a waste of my time.” To which I never got a response, which I expected but don’t play with no me.

Another more recent one, I applied to work for an influential person who was hiring. This person went as far as to say “let’s meet next week” then NEVER got back to me about a time or day to meet. I did what you’re supposed to do and followed up within a few days. I just assumed they were busy and would get back to me when they could, turns out that the week we were supposed to meet, they had hired someone else. I didn’t even get the chance to try to get the job. I lost some respect for this person.

I understand that life isn’t fair, job hunting isn’t fair, shit ain’t fair ever. But the least you can try to do is have some professionalism and empathy for people who are looking for work. Seeking jobs is time consuming, prepping for interviews is draining, actually doing interviews is nerve-wracking! The least you can do is tell someone they didn’t get the job they put so much time and effort into trying to get.

Same kind of thing goes when you have a small business. You have to get back to people. You can’t treat people like shit. Because at the end of the day, the bigger companies that do this can often just throw money at their problems, smaller businesses can’t. If you want to get unprofessional, well we can go there! I can get very unprofessional, I just try to keep my composure, try to keep it cute.

But dealing with shit like this can be very exhausting. Let me know if you've ever had to deal with some job foolery like this.


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