In the transition of relocating, I have literally had to restart from scratch. Transportation for the last few months for me has been Uber. TALK about an expensive necessity, entertaining depending on the driver, but definitely dangerous.

Being the passenger in someone else’s vehicle is nerve-wracking for several reasons: not in control, no two people drive the same, unfamiliar roads and routes, and other drivers on the road.

So I ordered an Uber with multiple stops: pick up at home, the post office, daycare to get my son, then back home. When I initially walked to the car the front seats were filled, inside I was a little confused, and got in the rear backseat. The driver (male) spoke very politely, the passenger (female) never spoke. I had my hearing aids on 100 this particular day. So they take me to the post office, I get out, go inside, and wait and get taken care of within 7 minutes, mail my package off then and head outside…

And BOOM! The Uber driver was GONE! They left me at the post office. I uber the text option through UBER and asked the driver where they were, no response, so I canceled the ride and attempted to find another. Then the worst thing happened. No UBER or LYFT drivers were available. Both apps kept trying to find drivers. At this rate I’m having a panic attack mentally and physically because all I want to do truly is get my baby and go home. So within the next three minutes, the driver who left me pulls up. I get back in and he turns around and apologizes and said he got called for another ride. I just looked at him and the only thing I could do was play it off with, “Well, I thought you were supposed to wait because you get paid to wait”. Then he boldly asked me where I had to go next, I said to get my son at his daycare. He said ok and then continued driving, except he drove past the street to go to my son's daycare. I asked him where he was going, he said, “Oh I just need to pick up my homeboy and drop him off to work, what time do you have to pick up your son by?” I said “4:30”. He looked at his phone and said, “Oh, we’ll be back by then”... Oh we will? Like WHET? So I took an unwanted, forced UBER drive around the city for this man to drop his homie off at Golden Corral.

I also noticed that the driver’s phone while he was driving said that the trip was offline. This guy turned his location off so they could talk another ride through LYFT. That day was emotionally draining and scary because all I WANTED TO DO WAS GET MY CHILD and return safely home for my other two children.

GOD and my ancestors protected me on HEAVY that day. In LUV and light, always Pray and pay attention to your surroundings, and REPORT bad drivers! I did and got a whole refund 😂.


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