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The Reality of the 20 Somethings

Sza said it best...God bless those 20somethings. The hardest years of my life weren’t middle school or high school, but the Chapters of 20something. Society makes it seem that life comes together once you enter this age range. That a universal book of truths is just dropped in your lap. The truth is, your life will fall apart...several times. High school is deemed as the age you figure out who you are and your purpose. In all honesty, I didn’t figure out any of it until my mid-20’s. My twenties have been an emotional rollercoaster. The only good thing about a rollercoaster is that you eventually get off. I didn’t uncover the truth about love, life, and myself until growing pains happened. The twenties are truly bittersweet. You lose yourself only to find yourself, and sometimes finding yourself is the trickiest part of the puzzle.You start to realize that certain friendships don’t fit anymore. You start to understand that life doesn’t go according to your plan, or anyone else’s for that matter. You discover that your parents aren’t as perfect as you regarded them to be in your younger years. You also make the shocking discovery that even you have toxic traits and character flaws. Your twenties force you to level up, or get lost in the waves of the world. So, my advice? With three more years left of my 20somethings, here’s the best guidance I can give you from my experience. Theultimate key to surviving your twenties is self-love, and maintaining your mental health. You’ll unlock every bag you’ll ever need once you know yourself. Will you still struggle in some aspects? Yes, you will. Yet, every experience in your twenties will make you a better person. No one cares if it takes you longer to graduate, find love, travel, or discover what you’re meant to do. Enjoy every good, bad, and bittersweet moment that occurs. The answers you seek, will come from the mistakes you make during this time.

Navigate your twenties with grace and gratitude, even on the days it isn’t easy. Whatever you choose to do, or whoever you choose to be, don’t ever sacrifice your sanity. Sow positivity into your life and the seeds you plant will bloom. Live this chapter of your life to make memories, but most importantly to love on yourself. Be committed to your glow up, your come up, and most importantly, your MENTAL health. Take each moment, and each chapter of these crazy, unpredictable 20somethings a day at a time. Even if it means tiptoeing to do so. Wishing you love and light in all that you achieve in these 20somethings.


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