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The Dance of Love

When it comes down to your emotional satisfaction, know your worth and stand on that shit ten toes down. You have to stand for something or fall for anything. I have been standing ten toes down in every aspect of my life: career, education, friendship,intimate relationship. But that's just it, all I was doing was standing. WHEN YOU STAY PUT, you GET STAGNANT. SO MOVE! The very thing you are afraid to do, may be the very thing you NEED to do. Just DO IT.

Pushing yourself and others is amazing, but always remember that when you push there will be resistance. You can not force someone to like, love, understand, stay, or want you. For any type of relationship to work, you must WORK on you. InnerWork is so important. Without knowing yourself, your triggers, and how to channel the energy YOU ARE NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE. Self love is the key. But go deeper… be IN LOVE with yourself. Being IN LOVE is a blissful euphoria.

The chemicals that are released within your body when you feel loved are: dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin. You need a healthy balance of them all in order to THRIVE. If someone says they “LOVE” you keep in mind that everyone speaks different love languages. It takes time to build a strong foundation of any relationship, but without maintenance and upkeep the foundation could eventually crack and fall.

Love is a drug. Choose who you take your hit from wisely. Sometimes the very person who is supplying your high, might give you some bad loving and mess your whole world up.

Recovering from any type of bad anything is a process. But trust it. It all gets better in the end. If you are unhappy, flip the switch. If you are stagnant, move. If you are comfortable, get uncomfortable. When you are trying to push love and communication barriers, be respectful and be willing to accept the other person’s love language. And know it takes TWO to TANGO.


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