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Tha Magic of Music

Music therapy is real…

Everyone has a go to song or playlist to help them bounce back from a bad day. And you know the song is hittin exactly the way it needs to when it’s on repeat. I started being a little more selfish with my personal time so I have a space allotted for myself to journal, listen to my music.

Something about music and how it literally can FLIP your MOOD.

I use music alot to redirect my irritations with people or my situation. I literally will jump from song to song until I get with the song that triggers me to pull through.

“A Song For Mama” is my motto for May.

Although I am blessed to still have my biological mother, the woman who raised me has been in Heaven since 2000. This song used to make me cry UGLY TEARS but I can listen to it with my head high and not shed one tear. This song has healed my spirit because I know although my grandmother has been physically not with me, her love and guidance is what has kept me and firm in my life. My grandmother told me as a child, “Someone will always need somewhere to live and someone will always be sick.” I always took the latter part of that advice and that was my foundation for my medical field career path. I always tell my patients, I have to get old one day, I just want to treat someone the way I would want to be treated in the future.

Wearing these hearing aids have given me a different and deeper outlook on things. I manifest continuous clairvoyance and clairaudience. These are things that I have to do to stay grounded. This May I am SCREAMING TO MY MAMA IN HEAVEN, Thank you for all the guidance you have given me as child and how you give me signs of success through universal protection.

Luv and Light,



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