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Show Me My Opponent: Collaboration versus Competition

Dear Black Girl,

We can all win, competition doesn’t exist in a sisterhood.

Competition is viewed as rivalry between individuals to compete for a title, or label of being the best. Which brings me to this point, I’m in competition with no one. Any move I make is for the betterment of self. I don’t make my life decisions based off what the girl next door is doing. I don’t want to compete or compare with you. How will that benefit my purpose? The market for ideas, businesses, etc. isn’t limited to just one person. The market is big enough for everyone to eat. Why compete when we could collaborate? The next woman in the same field, or business I’m pursuing isn’t my competition. She’s a potential collaborator, because her ideas can birth something within me. The one thing the Universe presents on a daily basis is the opportunity to grow. A wise person knows that you can learn something from everyone you encounter. Too many of us pursue “dreams” to show someone else up. Too many times I’ve seen someone pursue a goal that wasn’t even apart of their destiny. You can’t force yourself into the vision God has given someone else. Some of you are trying to squeeze on a size eight shoe on size 11 foot. It’s not going to work!

You might have minimal success when you’re in competition, but you’ll flourish if you become a collaborator. It doesn’t hurt to support someone else, and it will in no way take away from your success. Too many black women are competing against each other versus clapping for one another. As black women, we already have two strikes against us: being black and simply being a woman. Why make it harder with unnecessary negativity? We were meant to break glass ceilings and generational curses. I applaud any woman, who strives to become better in any sense. As a woman, who is building an empire, I choose to see the good in every woman I encounter. We’re all amazing beings of light, love, and creativity. If we weren’t, the world wouldn’t be fighting so hard to keep us down. The only person we should strive to be better than each day is SELF. The only real competition I see everyday is me. There’s a quote that reads, “...because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.” This phrase rings true; however, this is my personal take...”because she competes with no one, no one compares to her.” The goal is to secure the bag, but I won’t step on my sister’s neck to get to it.✊🏾

Competition creates confusion, but collaboration creates CEO’s.-Necia


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