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Saweetie and Sour

We’ve all heard the Saweetie and Quavo mess, that goes to show you that all that glitters ain’t gold baby. Appearances can be deceiving and for a long while now, Twitter was really out here thinking that they were THEE couple. He was acting right, buying gifts, showing his girl off the way she needed to be shown off (I know das right!) But it was all a lie!

What’s done in the dark always comes to light. And just because you ain’t Saweetie does not mean that you need to take shit from your man, because he certainly ain’t bringing down that Quavo money either. I’m not one to come up with think pieces on people I never met and relationships I know nothing about, but from what us regular folks can see on the surface, you can damn sure learn a thang or two.

First things first (rest in peace Uncle Phil. For real), do not let that man try to bribe you or buy your forgiveness if he fucks up. You heard right! I like material things and gifts and jewelry as much as the next bougie girl. And yes i can afford my own, but a great poet once said, “why spend mine, when i can spend yours?” I’m not saying don’t accept the gifts, the money, the cars, by all means, please do, but gifts are not bandages to put on top of the hurt he caused.

Next up, you will see someone’s true colors when you finally stop putting up with their shit. I don’t care what anyone says, you will see how they really feel when all is said and done. Notice how Indian giver with the movie screen forehead, Quavo, took back the custom vehicle he got for miss Saweetie when she left. That’s gross behavior in itself but also seems like he’s trying to make her feel the absence of his presence. As if she can’t afford her own custom car. I’m sure she has custody of her Birkin Bags but this was just an ugly ass move on his part and if such a thing ever happened to me, I just might have to push the car off a cliff with him in it.

Last thing you should always clock is the family. His, I mean. Because as we saw, Quavo’s sister just wouldn’t stand for the slander of her treacherous brother who spends his days ad-libbing with the serial cheater himself, Offset. As if a woman can’t hold her own brother accountable and call him out on his bullshit, instead she chose to slander a fellow woman. It’s common knowledge these days to know that men ain’t the move and being straight is a lowkey curse but letting them get away with so much is embarrassing and enables them to continue their shitty ass behavior because SOMEONE is going to run to their defense. Even if it turns out that “Saweetie ain’t shit”, unless it comes out that she cheated, I don't really care.

Actually, let me make it clear that I don’t care a whole lot to begin, and I do not date because I’m worried about these bands but when I see a lesson in pop culture that I can use for you all to clock bullshit in your everyday life, then by all means, IMMA DO IT.

Girlies reading this, please always remember that you are the prize. Unless you’re a cheater, then you’re an honorary Migo. Don’t take shit from anyone, especially a man. And if he wants to take his gifts back, change the locks and change your number.


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