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Rumorz: I am MY Truth

Sometimes you just have to let people be exactly who they show you they are. If they are displaying the foolish small minded individuals that they are, believe them. And although it is easier said than done, remember everything that is presented to you (especially gossip) doesn’t need to be addressed.

For many years, I have had a group of people who spreaded fake love towards me. Let me rephrase that, for years, I have been gravitationally pulled down by individuals who were only willing to love me the only way they knew how. Drake’s famous words say, “I been down so long, it looks like up to me, they look up to me, I got fake people showin fake love to me, Straight up to my face”. That's not the issue though. Loving the only way you know how and not being open to try new approaches to deepen or strengthen the connection is the root of the problem. There are so many levels to love it’s ridiculous.

I have been in a stagnant place mentally because of my love and how I love, truth be told. I overpour my passion into anything I do, naturally. To some that could be viewed being “extra”, “dramatic”, but it’s genuine and it's who I am. I don’t mind being authentic. I just wish it was more respected. You can not expect anyone to love or think like you. But that fake love comes in and lets down in to mess your energy up. I literally have been surrounded by a gang of “haters”. And it shows more and more with every obstacle of adversity I overcome.

People will always have something to say about the way you move, especially if your way seems to be getting you further than theirs. It’s naturally irritating to see someone boss up after you've been trying to keep them down with belittling jokes. Don’t entertain it. Stay cool and remember shade always comes in the subtle way of jokes. Laugh it off and continue progressing forward. But do that shit anyway. Stay humble, hustle hard, and mind the business that pays you.

Love and light,



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