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N E thing 4 Cloudz

On a spiritual level alotta of mfs got me fucked up. I realized this humbly and genuinely. People don’t realized a lack of response does not always signify cowardness or “being scary”. It might be an act of preservation. At the end of the day, people really need to understand that I HAVE NEVER been a scary bitch. I just chose my InnerG (peace) over violence for my spirit. There is not one individual on this Earth that gives me fear on any level. We are all equal. So many people fail to realize that I’m scared of my own anger (demons), that’s why I would rather laugh or just ignore trivial comments. I have mastered how to suppress and release so much pain but it never fails, a MISERABLE AND UNGROUNDED SPIRIT requires upkeep. In the famous words of Cardi B, “They know I’m the bomb they ticking me off, they say anything to get a response”. I am not one to respond to subliminals so if you are not direct, you are a coward. @ ME. But even when approaching situations graceful, I still get tested or “tried” because others fail to respect your growth. They say the devil works in overdrive when it’s time for you to shine. And it’s so true. The Devil rambles on for hours about old shit to keep your mind distracted from the bigger picture.

At the end of the day I don’t care about anything a naysayer, hater, background noisekeeper, cosigners or anything has to say because if they are not bringing their issues directly to me: I can’t fix or even show concern. Also I only move if my spirit tells me. When you move prematurely you could mess up the very plan that was already laid out for you to fulfill. Always make sure any decisions made is always made from a place of peace. I always reflect back that healing is a hard process but it’s doable. Some ways to find your peace in the midst of hardest times are: walking away (deescalating), fire breathes, or evening crying. Crying is definitely a form of release any inner feelings but alot of people just need to get out they feelings and realize the reality. This most recent acceptance in hearing loss has taught to definitely step back and analyze myself in every situation. I can not overthink situations and make it about me personally, Hell, to be honest it’s not about any of us… do the work needed and Don’t be a projectile spiritual hater. Shit is contagious and really tacky.



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