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Mindfulness Minute: Why Jhené Aiko’s “Pray for You” is The Epitome of Growth

Upon first listening to the song I instantly thought of the ex that pulled on my heart strings. He was the one—my one that I couldn’t let go. We had done so many on and off stages that I figured we were “fated”. You know they say if you love something then let it go right? Well, what they don’t tell you is sometimes letting it go means leaving it where you left it. Longevity doesn’t mean love and history doesn’t equate to happiness. Sometimes the things we want aren’t good enough for the power we possess. However, the ultimate release is when you accept your circumstances, learn from them, and wish people the best even if their best doesn’t include you. Pray for You reaffirms that coming into the best version of yourself requires selflessness. It means wishing people the best with no bad intentions or negative meaning attached to those wishes. The best thing you can do sometimes is pray for someone. Pray that they grow to see their potential.

Pray that they grow into a better person for others they encounter. The intent of prayer is always bigger than our desires. Although, it may not be the easiest thing to do, how you pray and what you pray is the spiritual growth necessary to tap into innerstanding of life.

Be mindful.

Be intentional.

Be your(SELF).


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Feb 02
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