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You deserve someone who genuinely loves and accepts you. You deserve someone who is willing to hear your frustrations and comfort you. You deserve someone who will know how to stroke your ego. You deserve someone who will be weak when you are strong. You deserve consistency. You deserve someone who makes you smile from ear to ear just by mentioning their name. You deserve someone who makes you smirk and giggle. You deserve someone divine.

Divine is defined as “of God or like a god”, excellent, delightful. When you are in your hardest times it is the idea of divine love that can pull you of darkness. It makes you warm to your core knowing that it’s yours and it's uncontested. Divine love speaks for itself and the majority of the time it’s a forever thing.

I was blessed to experience my first divine encounter in 2019. It changed my world. I met someone who shared the same goals, mindset, and thought exactly the way I did. It was everything it needed to be. That moment meeting was called “Divine timing”, this is something that occurs on its own and is natural. It’s a genuine connection felt and never leaves. It flows, it feels good. It’s electric.

Love is supposed to jumpstart your brain and release all kinds of chemicals within your body to stay running. It’s supposed to make you tingle on the inside. Love feels good. Love should feel good. It should never leave you with doubts, it should never make you second guess. Love should motivate and support most of all.

Please note that divine encounters can fall into any category: intimate relationships, friend relationships, work relationships. And those moments of timing will fall whenever and however God, the Universe, “Spirit” sees fit. Regardless of what plans you have in life, something unexpected can happen and change everything. Shifts happen and when they do you have to go with the flow. Love never resists. True love will never fight you back. True love guides you indirectly without saying a word. True love is truly unspoken words. True love brings rhapsody.

As mentioned in almost every blog, it's levels to healing, and it's levels to love. Focus on your innerG and all will align for all that you deserve.

Sending love and light,



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