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Leaving a Toxic Work Environment

We've all had a point in time where we realize that "Fuck. My job is toxic." And you wonder what the next step is for you once you know that your job is shitty, and if you died, they'd have a replacement for you before you were even cold in the ground. You wonder if you'll ever work somewhere that doesn't constantly micromanage you or talk to you like you're dumb or incompetent. It can break your spirit and contribute to those shady little feelings of impostor syndrome.

I know we are in great resignation, and honestly, people are leaving underpaying, overworking jobs faster than you can remind them that we're still in a pandemic. So you're not alone in the realization that you're too good for what you're dealing with. The first thing you're going to do in your journey to leaving a toxic work environment is to leave loyalty at the door. That's right, folks, you heard it here first; you don't owe them allegiance. I know older generations like to bully us into thinking that we do otherwise "we're lazy and we're ungrateful, and we don't pay our dues" blah blah blah. The fact of the matter is that we have it so much harder than they ever did.

The next step to leaving your toxic work environment is to stop caring. Yep. I don't know if you managed, to begin with, it's tough to watch in an environment like that when you're constantly being treated like dookie. It would help if you already were not giving your effort to a poor-paying job, to begin with. Instead, you should be pooping on the clock, playing on your phone, and providing rude people the same lip they give you. If you're going out, you may as well go out with a vengeance.

The next step to leaving your toxic work environment is to learn to say no. Don't let them try and convince you to stay. Don't fall into the trap of broken promises. It doesn't matter how much they'll pay you, what they say they'll change, none of that matters. The place is terrible for you, and you need to cut it off like dead ends.

Try your best to stay calm. When you're leaving, some of the people there might get irate, they may just get a wild hair up their ass, but you should keep your cool, further proving that they are the bad guy and you're justified in leaving. See you.

Now that you've left this horrid, horrid place with wack pay, the micromanagement, and the very blatant lack of boundaries, you can start to heal and look for a new job that hopefully doesn't suck. The healing process might come with you blaming yourself but try your best not to. It's a privilege to say "take some time to yourself" because who can do that in this environment? If you can, do so. If you can't, remember to take time to yourself to heal from this negative ass experience. Because yes, you even need to recover from bad jobs.


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