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L is for Lover

This was my first experience of being with her. She looked so beautiful as she danced on the floor. I’m sure she was thinking the same as I stood at the bar. We decided to both go with friends, but I knew what was coming once we left this party. I sipped my Hennessy and continued to enjoy the company of my friends. I knew she wanted me from the minute I walked in. See this wasn’t really our first time at all, it was just fun pretending it was. As I teased her and the guy dancing behind me, I continued touching my body as each song played. You see I knew she got off knowing that other people wanted me just as much as she did. As I rubbed on Damien’s rock hard dick with my butt, I imagined exactly how it would feel upon insertion. The way he touched me while dancing let me know that he could definitely get me right. As I checked back into reality, I noticed her entering the restroom. I decided to follow behind her. I entered the restroom looking for her in the stalls.

Maybe it wasn’t her, I thought to myself.

I headed to the sink to wipe away the sweat on my face. As I closed my eyes, I got confirmation that she was in the restroom. However, I knew how this game went. She loved control and I loved to let her think she actually was the captain. As I turned the water off, I felt the softness of her lips on my neck. With each kiss, I was lowering her defenses down. I knew she couldn’t resist me even if she tried. I turned around to face her and see the woman that would take me into ecstasy. Her brown skin was just as smooth as ever. She placed me on the corner and gave me a kiss as usual. We both smiled at each other knowing what was next. I reached into her for a warm embrace and I felt her fingers slip under my dress to slowly begin rubbing my clit.

“What are you doing?”I exclaimed. “We agreed not until after the party and definitely not in the restroom.”

“The fun is in getting caught,” she said sneakily.

She continued to rub my clit as I heard the sounds of water splash on the floor. I knew my dress would be soaked by the time she was done. I wanted her to stop in case someone walked in, but it felt too damn good to stop. Each time she rubbed, I got wetter. She slowly inserted her fingers into my vagina and before you know it I was moaning like the little freak I was. I slowly felt her warm fingers turn into her wet long tongue. With each lick, I melted into her trance. She licked every spot with such dedication and so passionately. I felt my clit starting to throb as she glide her tongue across it. I was so close to climaxing and she knew it because each lick became harder. I could hear the sounds of her tongue slurping up every drop I had. It reminded me of a dog drinking water from a bowl. However, before I could finish that thought...

Oh shit, I’m cumming was all I could think as I felt me release all my juices on her chin. I continued to squirt all over her face and she continued to lick taking me into an even higher ecstasy. As I tried to squirm away from her tongue, she began to finger me slowly.

I knew what game she was playing, I thought to myself. With each stroke of her finger, I imagined Damien pounding my vagina into oblivion. Her fingers continued to stroke my insides until they were as white as a glazed donut. She kissed me on my lips after licking my nectar off her fingers. We both gathered ourselves to head back out into the party. I gave her one last kiss before heading back out. As I walked back to Damien, all I could think about was how Kai’s tongue felt. I hugged Damien and began licking his ear. I grabbed his hand and let him feel the mess made my someone else.

“Whew baby you’re ready for Daddy, huh?” he exclaimed. He rose from his chair and I saw all nine inches ready for the taking.

I smiled, “Yeah bae, let’s go home.”

We said our goodbyes’ and walked to the car.

As he opened my door, he looked puzzled.

“Baby,” he said “Kai’s date never showed up tonight...I just don’t get it” as he paused in mid thought.

“Bae, you know Kai’s mouth! She probably scared him off before he could show up.” I giggled.

He chuckled, “This is true. That’s my best friend, but she’ll scare anyone.” He rubbed my thigh and continued on our drive home.

I gazed at him as I imagined him giving me the back shots that I had been longing for. I knew that the wetness between my thighs would be put to good use. Tonight was another cause of the “L word.” Love for my sweet Damien, and lesbian for his best friend Kai.


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