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Joseline's Cabaret (and the Occassional Horror)

Joseline’s Cabaret on Zeus Network is an extremely popular show that blew up in its second season thanks to the “double homicide” comment from one of the contestants and the popularity of Joseline’s song, Live Your Best Life (Do it like its yo Bday).

A first-time viewer would have no trouble seeing the insanity of the show from the moment they turn the television on. For starters, there is enough fighting to make you think you’re watching the UFC. A cast member on the third season even pulls some MMA-type moves out on other members.

The girls are allowed to fight openly and constantly. Joseline says that since she was allowed to fight it on where she was raised in Puerto Rico, she lets the girls do the same. Some of them are continually screaming and hollering at each other causing general unrest in the house and general agitation to viewers. The absolute chaos that ensues each week shows how little structure the actual television show has.

Most reality shows like this have some sort of competition-based structure where cast members compete for different incentives or prizes. This show has zero of that. They do compete to dance with Joseline in season 1 and a few times on season 2, but there is no voting, no judges scoring, no nothing. It typically goes off of who Joseline likes at the time.

Which brings up another point. Joseline’s temper can switch at the drop of a hat. Let’s rewind to season 2 where the cast members were in the dance studio and Aqua started coughing. Like actually, truly coughing. Joseline charged her and started yelling in her face asking who she was coughing at.

The most curious thing about the show, however, is that its allegedly about female empowerment. Recently, a season 3 cast member, Amber, made allegations that Joseline and fiance, Ballistic Beats, attacked her. Amber claims that Joseline kicked her in the ribs with heavy boots on multiple times. She recorded herself in the hospital and showed her bruised ribs. Soon after that, Amber made another post which was a statement from her lawyers concerning the incident.

Zeus Network (the network Joseline’s Cabaret is on) released a statement saying they do not condone bullying or violence or domestic abuse situations. Joseline and Ballistic also released a statement saying that Joseline is a mother and would never do anything to put her child in danger.

But when you look back at the way she treats the girls on her show, that statement seems questionable. She has made threats to these women and belittled them in any way she could as well as allowed the belittment of the girls by other girls on the show.

Aqua was a victim of another attack at the beginning of season 2, this time by Big Lex, the resident loudmouth and trouble maker made viral comment, “double homicide,” in reference to Aqua sharing that she aborted twins. Joseline also made hateful remarks about the extremely personal details that Aqua shared with the cast like, “are you sad because you aborted your twins? Or you sad because that n*gga left you?”

She also verbally abuses other girls that season despite telling cast members to just fight it out instead of bullying each other. One person who got a lot of shit from Joseline both last season and this one, is Chanel Tso. Chanel is a very talented dancer who despite Joseline talking down on her and calling her things like, “a big belly, chap lip hoe” and other things along those lines, won season 2.

Chanel continued to be abused this season both by new cast members who did not like the fact that Chanel was a cabaret captain and by Joseline herself. Joseline threw apples at Chanel and verbally abused her in a season 3 episode despite the fact that Chanel was trying to have Joseline’s back.

It goes to show that even though you ride for her, she’ll turn on you. Look at Sapphire, another season 2 contestant. She went hard for Joseline the entire season only for Joseline to speak ill of Sapphire’s baby’s father who passed away. Zeus can try to present the show as something that is meant to empower women, by watching the show, it obvious that is far from the truth.


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