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I remember my grandmother used to say, “Believe HALF of what you SEE and none of what you HEAR”. I carry these words with me because they are truly valuable. When walking into any type of social situation, you should be cautious before you speak. You don’t know what was said prior to your walking up an conversation or how it gets shifted once your presence is made known. When I worked at the hospital I took care an elderly black woman who was about 105/106 (and in sound mind) at the time. Anytime another staff member would walk in the room in she would instantly get quiet. And when they left she resumed talking, her reasoning, “No one needs to hear what we talking about, it’s none of their business”.

Either way just jumping into a conversation is rude and honestly could have you left feeling stupid. In adjustment to these new hearing aids my new favorite phrases are either, “Whetttt?” Or “I didn’t hear you” but it’s a real mood. My hearing aids have automatic noise reducing so when I walk into loud environments automatically, quiets them for me. I can also adjust my volume from 0-100 on both ears. I don’t miss shit. I hear tone, pitch, but my trouble is the nonverbal. When it comes to communication 60% of it is non verbal, 30% is your tone. So walking up to any situation 90% of what you are trying to say isn’t coming out your mouth. Add factors like environment and additional people, if we not looking to face and connected, my personal response might not be what you want.

Humbly I have been manifesting the power to maintain my energy even when I hear some dumb shit. It’s a fight, I fight daily, and I fight hard. There are many times where I hear peoples’ TONE. Your TONE sets the TONE for which you are treated. Come correct and maintain low tones with me for a good response. The second yours elevates, I’ma match that energy. I‘m tired of “overlooking” issues/drama because of someone else’s lack of respect. I am personally fighting too many struggle to let anyone talk to stupid, period. I’m real nice, but don’t take my kindness for a weakness. I’ll cuss you out real quick and laugh about it with my friends later!

Love and Light,



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