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Hurt is Where Heart the Heals.

My weakness is my heart.

There was a quote on Facebook’s Soulology Group that stated:

“One of my biggest problems is that I’m constantly torn between cutting people off and being patient with them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who you have to go through a storm with in order to see the sunshine, and who’s just toxic and not meant to be in your life.”

That is the God's honest truth for me. It never fails that when someone hurts me, I forgive them. Even when I know they are not sorry. Not sure if its the philosophy of life is too short, or maybe it’s because forgiving them releases me. But I forgive for me and me soley, I let go for me.

What people fail to realize about letting go and healing is that no two people will heal the same way. One stigma that needs to be ended is that similar experiences can be used as reasons to empathize. Not everyone who listens to you speak has an empathic heart. Not everyone who hears you vent, hears your heart.

Just because someone has been through an experience similar to what you are going through doesn’t mean you have to accept their guidance or advice. No two people heal alike, no two situations are alike . And to go even further you DO NOT OWN A DAMN SOUL ON THIS EARTH AN EXPLANATION ON WHY YOU HEALING THE WAY YOU are.

My favorite healing tool is my handy dandy notebook and pen. Scripting has been the best form of release for me the past year. It hurts but it’s so real. Reflecting on the past and how much disrespect and hurt I tolerated from people who were supposed to love me used to make me sad. Now it motivates me to love myself more than could ever fathom giving me. My heart knows what it wants, how it feels, and what it needs to do to thrive.

Remember the route for healing is personal, and to keep from hurting yourself further remember to never expect “your mannerisms” and “behaviors” from others.

Luv and Light,



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