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Humblesauce: How I Maintain My INNERg

Being humble is definitely a characteristic of mine that is so hard to maintain. I have been practicing and focusing my anger to stay calm in moments where I know I would lose it. It’s so hard. It’s hard controlling your tongue to spare other’s feelings. It’s hard to know that one wrong lashing of my attitude could ruin everything. There is power in humility. There is power is letting shit roll off your back. There is power in having control of your thoughts and your words.

I manifested to continue to walk in humbleness, because I personally breakdown when I have to hurt other people. Only hurt people hurt people. I am healed, healthy, whole ,and I am woke as ever. Being woke is another term for being “aware”. If I am aware of my power, then that means I can also use that to never allow someone to take me of that regardless of the circumstances. But again it’s hard. It’s a lot of breathing in and redirection. It’s mentally shifting the bad and making it good purposely. Because why return fire with fire?

You are the energy, you are in control of you and only you. Never let words pull you out of your peace. Maintain your dignity and protect yourself. If you are placed in a situation where you have no choice (which is unlikely because NO RESPONSE IS A RESPONSE), try and find the calmest and nicest way to say what you feel. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand on it.


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