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Friendz or Foez?

Life is full of unexpected curves and unexpected turns of events.

Sometimes people crash into your life, sometimes people fall out of your life, but again everything happens for a reason.

Going back to the famous Madea words about “seasonal people”, REMEMBER: “Some people will come in your life for a lifetime, and some will come for a season. You got to know which is which. And you're gonna always mess up when you mix those seasonal people up with lifetime expectations.”

Having a spirit of discernment is definitely needed because so many people walk with “masks” up literally and figuratively. We all have to have sides of us that we are not supposed to seen or need to keep at bay. The mask isn’t the problem, it’s their true core people need to work on. If you have ugly and evil ways on the inside then it will display in your actions and honestly in the things you say. Ya know those “jokes” that are actually “hating” or those moments of congratulations when all it really is “saltiness”.

Being completely transparent, there are a lot of moments that I feel ignorant around the fact I can’t hear as well as others. The ignorance of not wanting to acknowledge or accept the hearing loss has allowed people for years to think that they can handle me a certain type of way. But not me, hearing or not hearing: I WILL NEVER LET A SINGLE SOUL ON THIS UNIVERSE PLAY WITH MY GROWTH.

I worked my ass off to get where I am currently. A whole lotta shadow work and a whole lotta manifesting. I pray daily to use my gifts and talents efficiently and purposely because the last thing I can afford to lose in this season is myself because others lack spiritual hygiene. I can not and will not be around anyone who does nothing for my spirit.

Ever. That is apart of knowing who you are and what you are worth. Don’t let anyone around you who makes you question or reassess yourself when they don’t know the ins and outs. Remember everyone who grow with you ain’t supposed to go with you, it would be nice if they could but we have no control over life paths and other destinations in life. Play your role and protect your energy.

With luv and light,



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