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Friday Night Lights

He noticed me a year ago according to our random conversation. I thought he was a nice looking guy, but didn’t view him in that light. Until, he started working in my space consistently. Even then I continued focusing on the other guy I was pursuing. Each day he watched the way I moved and each day I laughed off his advances. Until, one Tuesday when the truth slipped out my mouth.

“I don’t date people at my job, at least not until I see their character,” I said so innocently.

In that moment, I didn’t know I had given him the green light. So the flirtatious jokes continued without a second thought. I was a women who knew what I wanted and this was something that puzzled me. I was intrigued by the thought of it, but the possibility of this going left was very real. Weeks of advances and exchanged looks had now become a number exchange. I waited patiently to see how things would take off. He viewed my social media, but he wasn’t catching the clues to respond to it. Like why was this man moving so slow? Each day, he talked to me but outside of work—NOTHING.

“Maybe he doesn’t like me like I thought,” watching his latest Snap story. He wasn’t responding to any of the bait I was throwing. His aloof demeanor confused me. Until one Friday, he caught the clue. He had finally responded to a Snap I posted specifically for his eyes to see. As we exchanged conversation, I contemplated on an escape plan if this got out. Our job had a strict policy about fraternizing. Yet, that didn’t stop us from sparking up a conversation. For weeks we played our role of just being coworkers. Until, one Friday night when the awkwardness that was us turned in a different direction. As he entered my car, I looked around to see who was around. I couldn’t have anyone knowing that I didn’t follow the rules I set for others.

“You realize we have to be discreet about all of this,” I said nervously.

“Yeah, I would never put you in a situation like that...this stays between us” he said calmly.

“Back to our normal Iives come Monday,”

He shook his head, “Back to normal.”

We pulled up in front of my apartment and the reality hit that this was the moment. This would change how he viewed me. We entered my place and I placed my keys on the coffee table. I gestured him down the hall and into my room. He made himself at home instantly, but I wasn’t comfortable with everything quite yet. I guess he picked up on my energy and made a joke about my head.

“Wait now pop pop, leave my head out of this,” I laughed. I turned on Netflix to finish my show I was watching prior. He played on his phone and every few seconds we cracked a joke or shared a fact. We did this for hours until a play fight ensued over the remote. I guess the rush of skin contact got to us both. His play taps had turned to small rubs on my nipples. As much as I knew it was wrong—I didn’t want him to stop. I pushed his hands away.

“We should stop before this goes left, and we both agreed no sex,” as I continued to ponder on what could happen.

“You’re mouth is saying stop, but your body isn’t,” he said so confidently. His hands returned to my nipples and I watched as he played with my piercings so delicately. His hands turned into his mouth on my skin. I let out a deep sigh as he licked me each time. As I opened my eyes I saw his face above me. He kissed me and I slowly felt his hand enter my panties. I knew we needed to stop, but I wanted this. He rubbed my clit feeling the piece of jewelry that adorned my clitoral hood. With each rub, I felt me wetting the bed. Those rubs were making me reconsider this whole no sex thing. We kissed once more and he slowly helped me remove my panties. My body was ready for him and the same for him. I opened my legs and felt all eight inches enter me. He slow stroked me and the thought of this being wrong was long gone. He had unlocked a level of wetness I wasn’t accustomed to. Our missionary position was now me on all fours. With each stroke, I felt myself sinking in the bed. He gripped my ass and forced me to take all of him. I felt myself about to cum over him. He was getting the best of me and I couldn’t take an L like this. I pushed him away and decided it was my turn to run the show. I watched him pick up his phone to respond to a message. That won’t be for long I thought to myself. I began to lick the tip of his dick until I found myself deep throating him. I sucked the tip intimately once again before taking all of him in my mouth. The phone that was once in his hand was now on the floor. I looked in his eyes with each lick. I continued to deep throat him and the way he was running let me know I had him. His once silent demeanor was now moans of him busting in my mouth. He kissed me and bent me over the bed. He was determined to finish what he started. He grabbed my hair and drilled my vagina until I creamed all over his dick. We kissed and decided it was time to end our night. Ten o’clock p.m. had turned into two o’clock in the morning.

On Monday, we returned back to our routine—as coworkers and as friends with benefits. We shared our jokes as usual and played our roles. We both knew that this had to remain a secret, but that’s what made it fun. The funniest part was he had experienced me in a way that other coworkers wanted to. So each Monday, we returned back to being coworkers and each weekend we laughed at how we survived another week of keeping our secret.

“You coming over?” as I looked at what day it was.

“Its Friday night right,” he said.

“Yeah, so...”

“You know how we do, I’ll be there.”

To other people it was another Friday night, but to us this was when the lights came on and the clothes came off.


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