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Four Tips for Dating in Hookup Culture

The world of dating is tiring, to say the least. The process of finding someone who you can physically, mentally, and energetically connect with is enough to cause anyone to throw in towel. Yet, dating doesn’t just stop at the selection. You have to get to know this person, spend time, and ultimately if you consent, give up your body. Yet, even with all the little goals, some people are still finding themselves in situationships. I know so many amazing women and men who have been bamboozled by the new age process of dating. Here are four tips for conquering the heat and dating drama this summer.

  1. Be honest about your intentions. Always be upfront about intentions as it relates to sex, dating, and what you’re looking for long-term. Being truthful will take you places deception can’t.

  2. Set healthy boundaries and stick to them. Don’t change your expectations just because of attractiveness or sexual desire. If your end goal isn’t the same as your potential—let it go. It’s better to avoid heartbreak than to force someone to place you in a position they never desired. Let your no mean no, let your yes mean yes, and let your maybe mean no. Anything you have to contemplate with a maybe indicates hesitation.

  3. Date in your wage and energy. This one might sound superficial but trust me it matters. It’ll save you time connecting with someone who doesn’t see the world the way you do.

  4. Check-in when your feelings change and adjust as necessary. This connects to rule two; checking in helps eliminate any confusion about the progress of any relationship. Sex in any relationship can create feelings so checking in is essential so that neither party overextends themselves.

  5. Don’t do couple things with or for people you aren’t in a relationship with. Don’t provide any extras that you would give to a long-term partner; no family meet-ups, no exchanging of friends, buying expensive gifts, etc. Don’t seek to insert yourself into the life of someone who hasn’t given you any signs of commitment.

I’m an avid believer in never letting a man or woman tell you they don’t want you twice. Don’t overplay your part or force anyone to see your worth. If a person isn’t moving in a manner to what you want then it's time to free yourself. It doesn’t matter what a person says, their actions show you how they feel. Take any signs of hesitation or manipulation for what they are. No need in putting on rose-colored glasses when the truth is painted right in your path.


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