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Dreams V.S. Reality

In life we all have moments where we have to “face the music”. We have to come to terms with the things we really don’t want to accept. Accepting a failure is very hard to do. But there is no greater reward than breaking yourself down and then rebuilding. It’s necessary for growth and for your sanity. Losing everything and having to restart is a hot mess. But do it anyway! Some days everything will go smoothly and feel extremely rewarding, other days you might feel and see every reason why you shouldn’t keep going, do it anyway.

My most recent failure was my marriage. After thirteen years of investing myself, my time, my love, my heart into the man of my dreams, it's over. Reread that again, better yet, let me rephrase that. Spiritually speaking, I was destined to marry my soon to be ex-husband. As a child, I used to have the same recurring dream about him, I had the dream over and over from about age 5-8. The details of the dream are vague but to summarize it felt more like a phone conversation. It wasn’t until around 2013 that I came to the realization that his voice was the exact same as the one in my dreams’ voice. It was something he said to me that sent me into a trance. He said the exact phrase that the man in my dream would say.

Forward to 2021, emotionally I am regaining myself after being attacked and put down by the one person who I felt was “destined” to protect, love, support, and cherish me. It’s been almost six months since I decided to leave. The trials I have faced since relocating have been interesting and life changing nonetheless, job searching (getting hired, quitting,job placement), childcare (finding daycare and being okay with sending my baby out in COVID), housing, and back to school. I feel good, I look good, and I am good. I had to take myself out of the dream and understand the harsh reality. No one who is supposed to love you should betray you. No one who is supposed to love is supposed to sabotage your life. No one who is supposed to love you should hurt you. REAL LOVE DOES NOT HURT! And real love damn sure doesn't fold under pressure.

Remember that failures are apart of life, and there are levels to love and growth. Focus on self to find the best route to your reality!

Sending Luv, Light, and Prosperity to your journey…



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