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Dream Cha$in

Never chase what you can attract or manifest. Your dreams and visions are not limited to what you have tangibly. If you have a “thought” or “idea”, write it down.

Whatever your spirit sends you a message to do, pray and meditate on it, but do just that. It might not make a lick of sense but just follow through.

I was recently blessed with an amazing opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do.

I set up meetings with the bosses, spoke directly about my intentions, my SMARTgoalz and guess what? With no money down initially I was able to start the beginning of something so amazing!


I don’t speak on all my endeavors (not everyone will see or understand your vision, or have good energy about it) but please know manifestations are real.

I have been praying for successful business opportunities and collaborations for years. During COVID, I was able to successfully link two small business owners together. The merger was so exciting to me because for one, I’m not good with introducing or setting up things. But one thing about me I will never fake the funk. If I don’t know about something, I will research it or ask someone else who is already doing it or has more knowledge than me. Confidently outwardly and nervous on the inside , I did it. The two women were able to discuss terms on their own and worked out a deal that worked out for them both. Now we have women linking from across the US, know what’s that called in the business world? SUCCESS! and it feels goodt!

I am a successful, confident, goalz-induced, multiple streams of income type of businesswoman, and I’m proud of myself. Personally, I am pushing through all my pain and reverting the entergy into the passions and love of myself and my businesses.

Spiritually speaking, it takes years for your business to get where you want to go, but again it’s doable. You will have a lot of down moments or second guessing. Just work hard everyday and push through.

With Luv and light,



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