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Do Not Disturb

Dear Little Black Girl,

You are not a temporary fix for anyone.


You’re always worth the effort.

Ladies, please stop allowing men to come into your life that don’t have your best intentions. Stop waiting for him to act right. A man that cares for you will prioritize as he sees fit. Stop letting a man dictate your happiness. A man knows what he wants the minute you engage in conversation. He knows if he’s going to lead you on or be a leader to you. Don’t let him fool you with fancy adjectives and false hope. Caring for someone is simple to do. All it requires is consistency and effort. Most women don’t want your money, they just want your time. Personally, I just want someone who treats me differently. I want someone, who helps me enjoy the simple things in life. Offers me a vibe I can’t find anywhere else, and it’s for that reason my heart is on DND.

My heart is temporarily on do not disturb. Don’t disturb my peace. Don’t disturb my vibe, and don’t disturb my life if you’re unsure. I love the thought of falling in love with someone; however, I can’t place my life on hold. I can’t build or invest on uncertainty. I can’t build my future on maybes, what ifs, and not right nows. I’m sorry, I’m at a point that I can’t wait for a man to “get right.” I can’t wait for the lightbulb moment or the moment you realize I’m worth it. I know my value, so it doesn’t scare me to walk my own path. I’m still a queen, even without a king. Love is simple if you allow it to be. I’m not chasing anyone to love me though. If you have no intentions on loving me then proceed to the next. My love is not for sale and it’s not up for debate. You can’t love me when it fits into your schedule. You don’t invest in a business without making sure you’ll get a profit, right? So why do the same with someone you see a future with? How do you expect a woman to give you something you can’t give yourself? She’s not a spot on your calendar. She’s not a space holder, and she damn sure shouldn’t have to beg you for consistency. Ask yourself this: If you’re not ready to invest in her, then why bother her? Why bother a happy home in a sense? Stop disturbing these women you see no future with. Stop selling dreams that you don’t plan on making a reality. If you plan on being a distraction or a hindrance, just allow that woman to blossom in peace. The one thing about a flower is they’ll always find a way to grow.


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