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Divine Angelz

I have always highlighted how important my friends are to me. The main reason is because my friends have seen me in all my rarest forms. When my hair is uncombed, when I’m washed down in tears, when I am laughing. I am one of those overly positive people who really is drowned in depression. But I don’t claim to be depressed, I refuse to. Although life hits with curves I know it's better to flip that down depressed energy and put into myself and correct it. Feel the feels but DON’T hold on to them. Let them GO. Depression is a mind thing.

I am the one friend who will dilute my situation in conversation to focus on the other person. I care about how someone else is doing and I want everyone to be okay. I never want people to worry me because most of the time I have my shit together. Well after the past year, I will be the first one to say, STOP NOT TELLING WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YOU, but be just careful who you tell what to. Use discretion because everything you go through does not need to be said


There are many people who come off as friends or caring and concerned all the while they just want to see what you can do for them.

I have my “squad” that have come to my rescue in what feels to be my worst moments and that is everything. Adjusting to hearing aids has definitely been an interesting process. Many people do not realize that you hear with your brain and not your ears.

Having friends that understand you and see you for you makes everything so much easier. Having friends that support you when you don’t have the drive you support yourself is everything. I am blessed to have a few select people to call my friend. And although the term friend is misused and abused, I am FORTUNATE to have some really dope and genuine people around me.

Luv and Light,



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