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Deceiving Looks-Looking Beyond the Physical

Every person in this world fights things within themselves that other people can not see based on their outwardly appearance. Using myself as an example, I look “cute”, “sweet”, “sexy” as the randoms in my DMs say.

But if people only knew the coaching and self motivation, I have to push to MYSELF DAILY.

In June of 2021, I received my final fitting for my hearing aids and when I tell you THESE BING BONGS bing! The clarity and amplifications these have compared to the last set have been perfect and I don’t miss too much! The gag of being able to hear literally makes me sick sometimes. Too much noise will send me into “sensory overload”. When I have the hearing aids in they have certain features built in that help reduce the “tinnitus” (ringing). Without the hearing aids, all I hear is persistent, loud, non stop ringing in both my ears. I have headaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this will never change or go away.

Prime example of overload, say for instance, I get a phone call while I am standing in the room with someone. The technology between my phone and hearing aids will reduce noise in my background setting so that I can solely hear who is on the phone. So basically it puts the person in my face on “mute”, I would have to adjust the settings on my phone to hear the person in the room talk as well as the phone call. Also depending who is on the phone and where they are could affect our conversation. If the person calling is riding with the windows down, my hearing aids amplify their background as well. And don't let someone mumble or be speaking too low…. Ummmm WHETTTTT????

And you know what's the worst part? People have the nerve to get irritated or mad because they think I might not be listening. That’s definitely not the case. I’m HARD OF HEARING and just really realized how bad it was and am adjusting. Be CALM!

I have to stay grounded and remind myself, my hearing aids aren’t visible. No one can see visibly that I can’t hear physically.

Sending love and light on your journey, and remember to be kind to someone you meet, they might be lacking in areas you can’t see!



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