• Luvy

D is for Degreez

Consistency is the key to being successful in life. If you want something you have to work towards it. There will be roadblocks all the time. Rechannel, reroute, and redirect your innerG to stay grounded and focused. If I haven’t learned anything else, it’s to not get overwhelmed about something not going your ways. MAJORITY of the time it’s best of some type of protection. As mentioned before I have been in school for some YEARS now, I personally had the goal for myself to be finished and completed my nursing degree by the age of 30. And here I am 32 now and trying to complete a degree I really don’t want, or need. But you have to finish what you start.

In January, I am restarting school for my Bachelor’s degree, I am going to finish these last 6 classes and finally be done with that chapter of school. I have been doing a lot of research on different careers paths that I can pursue with this degree. I just know I have used my brain to thrive in school since forever and it makes me feel good. Learning new things fuel me to be better and to help someone around me. In the spare time of back to school, I have been educating my self sign language so I can teach my sons. It’s complex some days using and knowing which hand to sign with. One wrong hand placement could mean something else and then you might offend someone who truly knows how to sign. You are supposed to learn something new everyday to keep your brain healthy and active. So continue pushing through roadblocks and use the blocks to build a new roadway for a better you!


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