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Cleaning Out them Cobwebs

Jada Pinkett set the world on fire over last summer with the word “entanglement” using it to describe her situation-ship with August Alsinsa. Revealing an infidelity to the world takes some courage especially as a married woman. Could you imagine having to tell your truth under the fire of a red table and exposing a deep dark secret to the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and your husband asking you questions and you have no other choice but to be honest?

Then we have artist Monica who in my opinion reversed the song or “piggybacked” the situation. Song “Trenches” gives a different interpretation of commitment and love. Lil Baby gives us the typical masculine energy of nothing matters, us against the world, while Monica plays the expected feminine energy and sees the error of her lovers’ ways and improper influences.

Either way, the concept of “entanglements” is a messy situation. Those one night stands are initially set to be just that, get that head then leave. But when you leave, remember that leaves one person in “personal” purgatory while the other person just goes on with their life. The gag is that the time of “purgatory” (karma) is never reclaimed in the same manner it is given. The hurt of the breakup could result in unknown karmic redemption.

Life hack: REDEMPTION is based solely on your intention. When your heart is truly pure in a situation, chaos comes in, the outcome is based on the starting factor. This process or outlook is not often embraced.


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