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Chasing Purpose

Dear Little Black Girl,

You can outrun a few things, but you can’t outrun God.


See purpose is a funny thing, it’ll have you questioning everything in your life. You will lose friends! You will lose sleep! You will lose opportunities that don’t align with your life. Hell, you’ll even lose yourself. You can distract yourself with family, friends, or hobbies, but your purpose will never stop seeking you. Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Our purpose is our divine right, and let me tell you God is all in it! Sometimes we try to avoid what we know is meant for us. On my journey, the past few months the one thing I realized is that we have to live on PURPOSE. Living on purpose is being more than a fly on the wall. You can’t live life existing because it will pass you by. Seek and thrive in the opportunities that are meant for you. God will send you the right people, you just have to be faithful and obedient to him. However, many people fail to realize seeking someone else’s calling or purpose will not benefit you. If God didn’t ordain it to be, you can’t make that piece of someone else fit into your life puzzle. Follow your own light. Follow your own path. Follow HIM in all that you do. Allow others to see HIM in you. The one thing about purpose is, you’ll never truly work a day in your life if that’s your CALLING.

We need to live on purpose for a purpose. We’re all created to open a door for someone else. It might take us a while to find the door, just make sure you open it though. God will make you uncomfortable purposely, just so you can be purposeful. Namaste🌸✌🏾


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