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Burning Bridges: Bad Intentions

I’ve gotten my feelings hurt a few times this year. All because of my damn heart. My love for anyone in my circle is genuine and I’ll do whatever in my power to show that. Yet, that same selflessness had my crying a few nights this year. I expected people to love and care for me the same manner I do for them. I knew that love was coming back tenfold, but I disappointed myself by putting expectations on people. Some people are only capable of loving you as long as shit is good. Some people realize how much they love you after you leave. Then, some never gave a fuck from the start. As of late, I can’t tell them apart. Family, friends, and foes have blended into one. Its been a task watching people fold on me in situations where I needed them. Every time though, I cried and got my ass up to do what needed to be done. This year no one allowed me to be soft or vulnerable. I was forced to show that my kindness isn’t a weakness, but a strength when its equal. A few of you have made me realize your true character after you crossed me. The way you do a complete 180 baffled me, went from consistent check-ins to declined phone calls. That’s expected though, you got what you needed. I’m not mad, I just know its a few people that I will never disturb again. You don’t have to burn the bridge twice for me to understand that fire is destructive. The difference between you and I though—I know better things come from ashes. I’ll continue to take my wins in silence and enjoy my solitude. My peace isn’t worth the unsorted bullshit people haven’t figured out with themselves.

If you burned a bridge with me, make sure you have enough wood to stay warm—you’ll NEVER cross that bitch again.

Necia J🤞🏾


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