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Buddaflyz: The InnerG of Relationships

The innerG of someone is the base of your relationship. Who they show you is more than likely who they are. When you have a genuine spirit, life circumstances will never alter that. I have always had the same spirit. I have gained “stripes” for years (since I just celebrated my 32nd birthday) but overall I’m the same ol’ gurl. I cheer on everybody, support and throw out encouragement every chance I get. I spew out positivity. It’s almost sickening.

People with genuine spirits are rare and few but when you are around them you feel it. A feeling is defined as an emotional state or reaction. How you make someone feel will always leave a mark on them. You will always remember how someone makes you feel.

I love to make people feel good. I love to see people happy. From the healthcare standpoint, it’s definitely a strength for me and many people see it as my calling. I feel like I’m stuck in a world where there is no compassion, humanity, lack of professionalism. As a CNA, I am at the go to girl when the nurse needs to delegate orders, when the doctor needs a helping hand. But I am the one doing the mass of the work: changing, turning, pushing, pulling, transporting, dressing,and emotionally enduring all their pains. Without my viewpoints and documentation on the patient’s daily living, the patient will not get appropriate care. I am in the legal binding field where one lie could kill a patient.

I am rare. Always have been, always will be. But now, I’m no longer afraid to be around anyone. I’m no longer in hiding. I’m outside just like the butterflies, “spreading my wings and my beauty for the world to see” (Alicia Keys). In coming into reality and accepting my hearing loss, I have just had to rebuild my confidence and remember who I am. A lot of days I still don't have it. But with amazing friends and family check ins and support, I rise above the negative standpoints and push myself back into the atmosphere of life.

It’s UP.

Love and blessings.


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