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Another Drake Song

I don’t want to be the one that got away.

I would rather be the one that stayed.

Everything in me would rather be your Mrs. than your missed opportunity.

You drop hints and clues, yet I’m still clueless.

I’m still waiting around for you like a jester.

I guess you’re getting the last laugh.

Why did I think you were the one?

When you were the one who didn’t think.

You say you love me, but what love do you seek?

Because I can’t let you love me in halves or pieces.

I was always enough, but never enough for you.

You could never see my value because you don’t value yourself.

Creating hurt because you can’t escape your hurt.

Looking for a way out, but refusing to look within.

Inside plenty of women, but never in their space.

In your own place, but forever looking for company.

Nirvana is what you seek, but run from the enlightened.

Can’t find the light within yet you’re woke af.

That’s due to the sleepless nights of chasing power.

Aiming to rule, but never passionate enough to enforce the law.

Always under the influence for a status update.

Just another name on a photo tag.

Following plenty of people but never yourself.

More selfies filled with heartbreak.

Until you realized I was the one that got away.

You would rather me stay to play your Mrs.

Yet I’m dismissive.

I dropped a hint and the clue went missing.

You’re still waiting around to hear my laugh.

Looking like a fool in the king’s court.

You didn’t think I was the one.

Thinking of the love you seek.

But I’m only that when you’re ready.

Picking up your pieces to come together.

You want all of me, but I’ve had enough of you.


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