An Open Letter to My Exes

Dear Little Black Girl,

You don’t need rescuing, you are your own hero. You are always worth it.


I thought I would never find the right words to express myself. I thought I would bash you, but I’m here to thank you. Thank you to every man, who didn’t and couldn’t love me correctly. You opened the part of myself that needed to heal. I’m not sure if your intentions were to hurt me, but I appreciate the scars you left me with. Every tear I cried helped create the flowers I needed for growth. Thank you for making me realize just how much I’m worth. Thanks for making me realize that I do deserve the world. What you failed to see in me, someone else will see it clearly. Thanks for teaching me what love shouldn’t feel like. Thanks for making me realize that love doesn’t have to hurt. The lack of love you’ve given me, shows me that I’m worth the world plus more. Thanks for being the greatest blessing to helping me discover myself. Thank you for all of it. I know now what love is. You made me into a better woman for the next man. You helped me create boundaries for my love. You helped me establish what I want from love.

My hope is that one day you find someone to love you how you couldn’t love me. I wish you the best on your journey of life and love. Thanks for being a small piece in my story, but this is where your chapter ends. I can’t continue to give life to dead things, I forgive you. The one thing you made me realize is: A good woman will always be a good woman, and a good man will recognize that.


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