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I’m in a space in my life where I refuse to let anyone or anything take me out of my peace. However the dealbreaker are my children. My oldest son has been a victim of bullying in our new neighborhood on three different occasions all with the same child.

I taught my son to take care and protect his younger siblings. He is 10 and his little brother is 6. The first “fight“ occurred because a neighbor kid said something mean to his brother and he threw his slipper at the other child. My son came in the house crying and I went outside to talk to their parents. I met his uncle instead and asked if it was over. Boys will be boys regardless but I didn’t want them fighting in these streets.

The second incident occurred and they (neighbor kid) pushing my oldest son off the slide. I went back outside again and this time addressed his grandmother. She told me some tragic news about the child‘a parents being killed. It hurt my ears to hear that truth be told, I even offered a few personal encourage to that elderly lady. We established mutual understanding that the kids will stay away from one and another and she told my son to come tell her if her grandson does anything mean to him again.

The third incident was the last straw. My middle son runs in the house and says they hit in with a bag of ….. I couldn't hear exactly what he said because I was on the phone but I got outside so fast you could have sworn I teleported. A large group of kids were out there this day at least 10-20 ranging ages 5-17. While trying to direct conversation to the appropriate child and the grandmother, her granddaughter said some real slick shit and attempted to hit my six year old while I was standing there. Gloves off babygirl, I respond and will fight a kid about my kid. The grandmother told me if I had something to say to her (granddaughter) direct to her. Words were exchanged, and I found myself saying to every child involved out there, “YOU NEED TO STAY IN A CHILD’S PLACE”.

Because period. I don’t play with children, I raise them. I might raise them with an iron fist and tough love but they are being taught morals and respect. I ended up calling the police and filing a complaint because for one I got out of character in protection of my child and I was tired of my kids being a victim to ungroomed kids. Just because they used to talking to adults like that don’t make it okay and they damn sure ain’t gon talk to me like that in my new hearing aid like that. They learned that day.


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